Your wedding is the most memorable day of your life. Chances are you’ve dreamt about this day since you were a young girl, envisioning every detail in your head. You planned it entirely, from the type of dress you would wear to the location – you had it all figured out.

Now the time is here, and the pressure is on. Where do you start? There are an infinite number of details to consider and decisions to make that can turn your dream wedding into reality. You are not alone.

Wicked New England Weddings & Events will listen to your needs holistically to understand your perfect vision. We know that everyone is unique, with different desires. Our passionate team pays close attention to every detail, big and small, (because yes, even those smallest of features make a BIG difference) and work alongside you from beginning to end. You can expect happy and caring staff to handle everything from music, florists, budgeting, scheduling, vendors, and so much more. Whether you have an intimate wedding, a large one, or a destination wedding, we will take some of that pressure off of you and make planning your wedding fun, less stressful, and an overall enjoyable, memorable experience.