Private Events

Private Events

Private Events

Every event is personal, and if you’re having a birthday party, social hour, or graduation, there is a lot to be done. Everything from invitations, designing, coordinating food, and decorations can become overwhelming when trying to balance life. Wicked New Englands can take that stress off of you, so your new assignment is simply showing

Corporate Events

The success of your event can increase your company’s reputation, network success, and overall employee happiness. Since there is so much that goes into planning your event, it can become overwhelming trying to balance it all. You don’t have to. Our experts at Wicked New England Weddings and Events will handle everything from budgets to


Your wedding is the most memorable day of your life. Chances are you’ve dreamt about this day since you were a young girl, envisioning every detail in your head. You planned it entirely, from the type of dress you would wear to the location – you had it all figured out. Now the time is


There’s more to catering than making food and serving it to hundreds of people. Behind the scene, Our incredible chefs spent years in the industry, crafting the perfect recipes, that are certain to satisfy any tastebuds. We start with assessing the needs of our clients, making sure to pay personal attention to the theme and